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Founder & Chief Engineer — Clove Labs | Previously @Microsoft , @Amazon , @Salesforce

A Desktop App and a Writing Assistant for Medium

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The ideal length of a medium article is 1,600 words. Even seasoned writers find it hard to produce such editorial-quality Medium articles. Now imagine doing that consistently for an extended time without losing focus in a web browser. Now that is a day in the life of a Medium writer.

Writing has always been an activity that needs the highest level of focus. Medium’s minimal web-based editor is a good start. But it still lives inside a tab within a browser filled with distractions.

So we created the Desk app to help writers and editors…

An overview of the security layers behind EmailTezos

For starters, EmailTezos is an email-based non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that brings together the best of two worlds — Internet (Email) & Blockchain (Tezos). EmailTezos allows anyone with an email address to interact directly with the Tezos blockchain. At the same time, users remain in control of their keys and funds. EmailTezos launched a month ago and the Tezos community digs the simplicity and user-friendliness of EmailTezos.

In the past few weeks, we significantly re-engineered the security model behind EmailTezos based on inputs from the Tezos community. Here is an overview.

Let’s take a deeper look.

A Strong Password

The first step in securing…

We launched EmailTezos three weeks ago and the response from the community has been really encouraging. Thanks to all of you who tried EmailTezos and shared your feedback, ideas and comments. It has been an amazing learning experience.

Here is a snapshot of the community participation during the launch.

An email-based non-custodial wallet for Tezos

EmailTezos hopes to extend the Tezos ecosystem to everyone with an email address. It is created by Tezos enthusiasts to showcase the unique capabilities of Tezos and its ecosystem to the whole world.

Our team started out with a quest to bring the best of two worlds — Internet and Blockchain — to create a more seamless blockchain experience.

Email is one of the most widely used internet mediums and still offers users enough freedom to choose their own levels of privacy and security. …

Internet companies need a culture around protecting user data

Past few months have been pretty rough on the internet giants. This month, we got news about few more data leaks at some of the leading internet companies.

1. Amazon

2. Instagram (Facebook)

The attitude is more concerning than the leaks

In both cases above, the companies showed very little concern about the their customer’s privacy. They sent out emails with minimal details of the issues, the impact they might have or how they are going to avoid it in future. It looked more like a formality as opposed to a genuine concern for such issues.

Here are some of the public reactions from twitter :

In Instagram’s case, the password…

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

I just read an article in TechCrunch that covered a discussion around the adoption of blockchain. The argument goes like this

Early uses of blockchain will barely be visible — Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf

An excerpt from the article — “For a lot of consumers, you’re not going to realize when the bank or a web form at a government website or when you go to LinkedIn and start seeing green check marks against people’s claims that they attended this university — which are all behind-the-scenes that will likely involve blockchain,” Behlendorf told interviewer John Biggs.

Let’s try to validate…

A Minimal Desktop App for Medium developed by Medium enthusiasts

MediumDesk is a simple app that lets you read and write Medium stories when you are at your desk.

MediumDesk extends’s experience to desktops. It is built by Medium enthusiasts with no intention to modify/replace any experience. I ❤︎ Medium as it is. But a desktop app can do a few little things that a web app can’t and it gives a permanent home for Medium in my desktop. That is what MediumDesk is for. Every new feature will be selected based on this question : “Would Medium do it, If they built a desktop app?”.

We upgrade our phones, cars, TVs and even our houses every few years. I hope that didn’t make us believe that we can upgrade our planet too. We try to modify/replace parts of our planet to upgrade it’s “performance” and to better suit us. We also believe we will move to a new one at some point in future. Countries and Corporates are preparing for this for the past few decades.

In the near future, our pursuit for finding a new planet will get stronger. We ignore the possibility that Earth might be our only home. We might exploit it…

Sketch (one of the top sellers) recently announced that they are moving out of Mac App Store. Primarily, to give a better experience to their users and Mac App Store hasn’t evolved to suit their needs. Sketch started out like any other in Mac App Store. They realized the limitations and started selling their app on their site directly along with the Mac App Store version. Now they have decided to discontinue the App Store version altogether.

So coming back to our question, Should you submit your app to Mac App Store?

Yes and No.

Yes, if you are just…

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